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Sunday, September 21, 2008

About The Blogsboro Network

The Blogsboro Network is true indie media with no controls on content provided by independent writers, reporters, bloggers, filmmakers, poets, cartoonists, photographers and others. The network is a real alternative to the main stream entertainment and news industry made up of responsible and creative people from around the world. Simply clicking on the title of any excerpt will direct you to the entire article.

Yes, the Blogsboro Network (Blogsboro.net) is hosted on a free Blogger/Blogspot blog and is done so in the hopes that other groups will follow our lead into this indie media movement. As other groups rise to the challenge the Blogsboro Network will support their efforts. In the future Blogsboro.net might change to a different format but for now Blogger/Blogspot will do.

There are no comment features at Blogsboro.net. This is because the goal of Blogsboro,net is to amplify the voices of our individual members through manual aggregation of content from member sites with hyperlinks back to where each article excerpted can be found in its entirety. Having previously successfully increased the audiences of the members of the Blogsboro Poetry Club it is now Blogsboro's goal to give voice to other genres using existing technology.

Each member of Blogsboro.net has their own blog that may or may not be a part of another indie network. Most members were specifically invited to become members but until our goal of 100 indie bloggers is complete we will consider your applications to idleblogs (AT) yahoo.com Membership is subject to change as needed with the rules to be determined as we learn better what does and doesn't work.

Member blogs will display the Blogsboro.net logo in the top fold of their blog and are responsible for manually posting excerpts of their original content with hyperlinks to where their original content can be viewed.

Blogsboro.net was founded by Billy Jones, Verona Botsford, Danny Bayer, and Budd and Tina Wilkins of Blogsboro.com and is our way of spreading our success to the world.