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Friday, September 26, 2008

Driving to Work

I'm on the road everyday for an hour and a half, this get can get tiring to say the least. I, like most everyone else, have been feeling the strain and it's a big pain in the gas. Being that my son is a tad larger than he was when I bought my Ford Ranger, it was time to move up a notch in vehicle size. One of my brothers moved over seas and made me a deal on his truck I couldn't pass up. The larger truck and it's small V-8 is supposed to get better mileage than my 4 X 4 Ranger was with the 4.0 V6. Well, it's getting close but not what the stats during my research showed it should be getting. Actually it should be getting 2 mpg better but so far it's been more attune to 2 mpg worse. That's alright though as I believe I know what the problem is and I just need to spend a few hundred to fix it. The good thing about this newer truck is I was able to pay cash for it just as I did for my Harley. Never in my life have I been able to buy a well taken care of vehicle for cash and certainly not two ... within six weeks of each other.
Before I purchased the truck I have now, people kept telling me to buy a new vehicle that would get better fuel mileage but my thoughts in these times of turmoil were these:
1) A new vehicle means locking into payments for five or six years.
2) a new vehicle means higher insurance payments for five or six years.
3) even with having a new vehicle with better fuel mileage I still have to buy fuel.
4) A new vehicle loses several thousand dollars of value as soon as you drive it off the lot.
5) If for some unforeseen reason with the economy how it is I can't keep up the payment then what?
6) At my age now, which ain't that old, I don't get into that new car gotta have it bug to look successful or whatever else it was in my youth that was there.
No, today I just want something that's safe, dependable, not bad on the eyes, and is paid for in full. (That's what my wife wanted to but she got me instead).
The conclusion I came to was that a new car purchase to save me on fuel costs would actually cost me more - thousands more. And how else might I be able to lower my fuel cost's and driving time? Look for something closer to home even if it means a slight cut in pay as the fuel savings will offset the pay difference. And the big plus is ... I can ride my motorcycle.