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Monday, September 22, 2008

Produce A Pic Launches, Helps Independent Filmmakers in Greensboro

The innovative website for independent filmmaking ProduceAPic.com launched today, which owner and developer Chris Walker describes as a “fun and easy way for anyone who is into movies to get involved with filmmaking process in a unique way”. Produce A Pic sells Film Promo Pacs at $25 each for films currently in pre-production.

By purchasing a Film Promo Pac of your choice you become a member of the Film Team for that movie. “The Film Promo Pacs allow anyone who loves movies the chance to get involved with a film project they like and believe has potential,” says Walker. The Promo Pac is a combination if Film Team membership and pre-purchase of a Special Edition DVD, which allows purchasers to develop, promote and market the film project of their choice. Please continue reading.