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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Save the crooks

Don't you just want to reach into your wallet and help these poor fellows?: Please continue reading...


Is The Internet Contributing To The Dumbing-down Of Americans?

And the world?

Historically the Main Stream Media in America has worked either deliberately or by accident to dumb-down Americans as the MSM continues its search for the lowest common denominator and largest possible audience. Having said that I can't help but wonder if the Internet has taken on the same attributes. Please continue reading...


Friday, September 26, 2008

Driving to Work

I'm on the road everyday for an hour and a half, this get can get tiring to say the least. I, like most everyone else, have been feeling the strain and it's a big pain in the gas. Being that my son is a tad larger than he was when I bought my Ford Ranger, it was time to move up a notch in vehicle size. One of my brothers moved over seas and made me a deal on his truck I couldn't pass up. The larger truck and it's small V-8 is supposed to get better mileage than my 4 X 4 Ranger was with the 4.0 V6. Well, it's getting close but not what the stats during my research showed it should be getting. Actually it should be getting 2 mpg better but so far it's been more attune to 2 mpg worse. That's alright though as I believe I know what the problem is and I just need to spend a few hundred to fix it. The good thing about this newer truck is I was able to pay cash for it just as I did for my Harley. Never in my life have I been able to buy a well taken care of vehicle for cash and certainly not two ... within six weeks of each other.
Before I purchased the truck I have now, people kept telling me to buy a new vehicle that would get better fuel mileage but my thoughts in these times of turmoil were these:
1) A new vehicle means locking into payments for five or six years.
2) a new vehicle means higher insurance payments for five or six years.
3) even with having a new vehicle with better fuel mileage I still have to buy fuel.
4) A new vehicle loses several thousand dollars of value as soon as you drive it off the lot.
5) If for some unforeseen reason with the economy how it is I can't keep up the payment then what?
6) At my age now, which ain't that old, I don't get into that new car gotta have it bug to look successful or whatever else it was in my youth that was there.
No, today I just want something that's safe, dependable, not bad on the eyes, and is paid for in full. (That's what my wife wanted to but she got me instead).
The conclusion I came to was that a new car purchase to save me on fuel costs would actually cost me more - thousands more. And how else might I be able to lower my fuel cost's and driving time? Look for something closer to home even if it means a slight cut in pay as the fuel savings will offset the pay difference. And the big plus is ... I can ride my motorcycle.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Why Roosters Are Smarter Than Politicians

Another Day Begins

"It's morning, it's morning,"
The rooster crows to say.
"Time to scratch and peck for worms, Please continue reading.


Produce A Pic Launches, Helps Independent Filmmakers in Greensboro

The innovative website for independent filmmaking ProduceAPic.com launched today, which owner and developer Chris Walker describes as a “fun and easy way for anyone who is into movies to get involved with filmmaking process in a unique way”. Produce A Pic sells Film Promo Pacs at $25 each for films currently in pre-production.

By purchasing a Film Promo Pac of your choice you become a member of the Film Team for that movie. “The Film Promo Pacs allow anyone who loves movies the chance to get involved with a film project they like and believe has potential,” says Walker. The Promo Pac is a combination if Film Team membership and pre-purchase of a Special Edition DVD, which allows purchasers to develop, promote and market the film project of their choice. Please continue reading.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clicksor Leaves Me Click Sore

Perhaps you noticed the green links and little green boxes that appear when you mouse over the green links are no more. Frankly I found them to be very annoying (as are all such tricks including those preview boxes on many Wordpress blogs) but Clicksore (Clicksor.com) claimed we'd earn money for putting up with their annoying little boxes.

Then came the e-mail telling me we had been dropped. Please continue reading.


Federal Bailouts Too Little, Too Late

I realize that figures like $700 billion hardly seem like too little but the fact is: For most working class Americans and impoverished people around the world $700 billion is nothing like the amount of money it will take to save the World Economy. From today's news:

"WASHINGTON The Bush administration insisted on Sunday that Congress must move quickly to approve what one lawmaker called the "mother of all bailouts" - a $700 billion proposal to buy a mountain of bad mortgage debt in an effort to unfreeze the nation's credit markets." Please continue reading.



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Photos: Chickmahall Under Construction

I'm sure some of my readers are tired of the Greensboro Chicken Reports and of hearing of all things foul but I'm still enjoying the eggs of their labor and will continue to tell you about Gus, Elizabeth, BB, Snow White and Nellie so get over it or wait until I do.

The photo you see below of of the new Chickmahall--a modular home-- with its earth tone concrete block foundation and steel construction built in its entirety of things other people throw away. Next I'll be installing a new trussed roof with overhangs and curtains that roll down to protect my foul from foul weather। When all is completed I will remove the wheels. Please continue reading.


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Monday, September 15, 2008

Yellow Dog Vows To Sign Co-operation Agreement

Earlier today, Blogsboro Network reporters in Galveston, Texas caught up with Presidental candidate, Yellow Dog as she was dragging a victim of Hurricane Ike from the murky waters flowing along a downtown Galveston street.

Yellow Dog has spent most of the 2008 campaign deployed to various natural disasters as a member of the United States Coast Guard Reserves. Please continue reading.


The Stone Reader

One Man's Epic Quest To Get Stones

Tina and I recently watched a fascinating little documentary (okay, it wasn't really so little, with a running time just over two hours) called The Stone Reader. The filmmaker, Mark Moskowitz, a commercial producer by day, is in his spare time a voracious reader. On one of his many business trips he finally picks up and reads in its entirety a book he had originally purchased way back in 1972 after reading a glowing review in the New York Times Book Review, had started and never finished. That book was called... Please continue reading.


The Jayhawks

I've been driving around for the last couple of days listening to the Jayhawk's 1995 Cd "Tomorrow the Green Grass." I've had it for years, but didn't listen to it all the way through until my girlfriend and I drove down to Charlotte for a friend's wedding last spring: Please continue reading.


Studies in Politics and Redneck Culture

I was shocked to see that people in the UK are reading about rednecks and their influence on the US election.

That article prompted me to do more research on the Scots-Irish, who are said to be the ancestors of today's rednecks.

This article, if I'm not mistaken, is also talking about rednecks but it calls them by another name: Authoritarians, which is much cooler.

Of course I'm interested in this because, resigned sigh, I am pretty much a descendant and member of this cultural designation. Please continue reading.


RAVING About The Raving Knaves

The Raving Knaves at the Green Bean - Great Greensboro Band!

Our beloved blog partner, Danny, has a new band called The Raving Knaves. I tried to get out to see them once before and could not, but saw them tonight at the Green Bean. I haven't been so excited or felt so young in a long time. This band truly rocks and needs a CD (Danny- A CD PLEASE). This band has it all - kick-ass jams, English beat, original tunes with laugh-out loud lyrics, even a song with sort of a rockabilly swing that breaks into speed metal and back. Please continue reading.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blogsboro.net: Blogsboro Is Growing

Just minutes ago I secured the domain, Blogsboro.net as part of a planned expansion of the Blogsboro Network as we look to add many new independent voices to Team Blogsboro. If you'd like to know how to become a part of this exciting new indie network please e-mail me at idleblogs (AT) yahoo.com with links to your blog(s). Please continue reading...


Testing Blogsboro.net

Coming soon, 100 of the greatest indie bloggers from around the world.